Hazira Gas field

Offshore western India
Cambay Basin
Conducted an initial study in 2000 and updated the original study for new wells and performance data in 2001 and 2002. Currently conducting a full field study to include new offshore wells for this 30-well field with production both onshore and offshore. Reviewing oil potential. Produced numerous maps reflecting complex deltaic geology of multiple stacked sands. Calculated cashflow economics under production-sharing agreement.

Surat Block

Onshore western India
Conducted multidisciplinary study to estimate shallow gas reserves and future production for this block close to the Cambay Basin.

PY-1 Gas field

Offshore eastern India
Bay of Bengal
Cauvery Basin
Conducted a study of reserve estimates.

Exploration Block 7
Block Kg-Osn-2001/3

Offshore eastern India
Krishna Godavari Basin
Conducted a review of the data pertaining to the exploratory potential for petroleum resources Provided a qualitative opinion of the technical data and interpretations supporting the validity of various identified prospects.

Kharsang field

Onshore north India
Performed a geological and engineering study of a multiple-pay, stacked-sands field with medium to heavy oil and non-associated gas. Produced about 70 maps for volumetric analysis. Reviewed performance and estimated future production and cashflow under a production-sharing contract from this 150-well field. This included estimating behind-pipe and proved undeveloped reserves.