Madura Strait area, offshore Java

Prepared a study of the potential oil reserves of a prospect by analyzing seismic and regional geological data.

Malacca Strait area, offshore Sumatra

Prepared an estimate of future reserves and production rates for all producing wells and net income and contractor share oil after the terms of production sharing contract.

Salawati Island and Salawati Basin

Conduct annual reserves estimates for 10 fields. The study included present-worth and net-reserve projections to satisfy U.S. SEC requirements.

Offshore Sumatra

Quantified gas reserves to determine their adequacy to fuel a large electrical power-generation facility.

South Sumatra

Determined the potential oil and gas reserves attributable to an exploration area.

Corridor block gas project

Evaluated the reserves and deliverability of seven large fields that will supply gas to the Duri field steamflood for steam generation.

Duri field

Reviewed the future reserves and steam requirements of the world’s largest steamflood.

West Natuna Sea fields

Performed reserves-certification audit, gas-deliverability and economic-feasibility studies of various fields located in Block A, Block B, and Kakap block for a gas pipeline and power-plant project. Served as a technical advisor for the gas-sharing agreement terms.

Singa field, Sumatra

Performed reserves-certification, gas deliverability study and economic analysis.

Wunut field, east Java

Performed reserves-certification, gas deliverability study and economic analysis.