Akpatlaukh and Keimir fields

Analyzed several geopressured oil reservoirs within the south Caspian depression using performance techniques as well as geological evaluation methods. These fields are annually evaluated to appraise the results of continued field development. Operator uses the evaluations to optimize field development.

Chikishlyar field

Performed a detailed engineering and geological study to evaluate and quantify hydrocarbon reserves. Plans called for the study to be updated as development continues.

Lam and Zhdanov fields, Block 2 - Caspian Sea, offshore Turkmenistan
Through an engineering and geologic review, the fields were evaluated to quantify incremental reserves and economics resulting from ongoing development.

Yashlar trend

Performed a probabilistic study of the exploration potential, reserves, deliverability and marketing. Served as an expert witness in arbitration proceedings seeking loss-of-bargain damages for an alleged breach of contract under a concession agreement.

Also evaluated the following fields:

South Iolotan