canada presentation archive

Archive of Presentations in Calgary


Ryder Scott Canada 2018 Reserves Conference
Social and Environmental Considerations in Resource Classification
by David Elliott

Contingent Resources , Not All Created Equal!
by Ian McDonald

Market Perspectives of Resources Assessments
by Morad Rizkalla

Auto Forecasting - Its Current Reliability and Uses
by Anton Siyatskiy

Commerciality and its Foundational Role in NI51-101
by Craig Burns

Using Spotfire in Evaluation Work
by Jean Liu Halfe

COGEH 2018
by Doug Wright


Ryder Scott Canada 2017 Reserves Conference
A Re-introduction to Ryder Scott Co. Petroleum Consultants
by Dave Haugen

Type Well Analysis - Complexities and Analytical Techniques
by John Lee

Practicalities of Type Well Construction - An Example
by Vitaliy Charkovskyy

Disclosure of Abandonment and Reclamation Costs in NI 51-101 and Other Topics of Current Interest
by Craig Burns

Carbon Tax in the Evaluation of Alberta Reserves
by John MacDonald

Application of Extended Exponential Decline Curve Analysis to the Montney Reservoir
by He Zhang

An Overview of SPEE Monograph #4
by Jim Erdle

COGEH 2017
by Doug Wright


Ryder Scott Canada 2016 Reserves Conference
Use of Reliable Technology in Reserves Estimation and Reporting
by John Lee

Improving Oil Markets. . .Why Lower for Longer Won't Happen
by David Pursell

A Dimensionless Material Balance Type Curve. . .Really?
by Ray Dupuis

Canadian M&A Perspectives
by Cheryl Sandercock

Regulatory Updateo
by Craig Burns

Economic Impacts of Low Crude Prices on the Canadian Economy
by Dinara Millington

Conveying Potential of Assets through ROTR Disclosure
by Phillip Chan

Petroleum Resources Management System Ongoing Considerations and Potential Changes
by Ian McDonald

Alberta's Modernized Royalty Framework
by John MacDonald


Ryder Scott Canada 2014 Reserves Conference
Enhanced Decline Analysis Leads to Better Estimates for P10/P90
by Randy Freeborn

Volume Classification in Resource Play Evaluations
by Eleazar Benedetto-Padron

Proposed Amendments National Instrument (NI) 51-101 2014
by Phillip Chan

Reservoir Characterization and the Maverick Hypothesis
by John Harper

Production Forecasting in Ultra-Low Permeability Reservoirs: Proposed Methodology
by Stuart Filler

Canada's Future Lies in Accessing European and Asian Markets
by Peter Howard

Merging PRMS and COGEH: A Status Update
by John Etherington

Resources Other Than Reserves Guidelines
by David C. Elliott


Ryder Scott Canada 2013 Reserves Conference
Unconventional Reserves and SEC Guidelines
by John Lee

Unconventional Resources and NI 51-101 Guidelines
by Phillip Chan

Impact of Unconventional Resources in Canada
by David C. Elliott

Review of SOS Software
by Scott Wilson

R&D in Development of Unconventionals
by John Chen

A&D in Canada
by Cheryl Sandercock

Reserves Reconciliations
by Gary J. Gonzenbach and John MacDonald

G&G in Reserves Estimates
by Doug Uffen

Simulation in Reserve Analysis
by Miles Palke

Polymer Flood Simulation for Heavy Oil
by Vitaliy Charkovskyy

Maximum Likelihood and Gas Material Balance
by Ray Dupuis

SEC Comments on Compliance
by Marc H. Folladori