Asia – Australia

Asia - Australia



Bayu-Undan field, Timor Sea
Evaluated remaining gas and condensate reserves and conducted cash-flow analysis for large offshore gas field. In a separate project assisted joint interest owner in the preparation of its submission for an equity re-determination.

Kitan field, Timor Sea
Evaluated remaining oil and associated gas reserves and conducted cash-flow analysis for newly discovered offshore oil field.

Blacktip field, offshore, Northwest territory
Evaluated remaining gas and condensate reserves and conducted cash-flow analysis for large offshore gas field.

Ichthys field, offshore western Australia
Performed full reserves certification of this field in the Browse basin.

Mereenie field, Amadeus basin, northern territory
Performed geological and engineering studies, including reservoir simulation, to optimize field development and production. The reserves certifications were also used to obtain project financing and satisfy reserves reporting requirements of the Australian Stock Exchange.

Harriet field, northwestern shelf, northwestern Australia
Conducted detailed engineering and geological studies that served as the basis for the sale and purchase of various interests in several oil and gas properties.

Blina field, Canning basin area, western Australia
Evaluated the oil and gas reserves of several properties.

Offshore western Australia
Conducted annual evaluations of remaining net reserves and cash-flow analyses of several offshore fields, in part, to satisfy banking requirements.

Campbell field, offshore western Australia
Performed volumetric and material-balance studies to assess recoverable gas reserves.

East Spar field, offshore western Australia
Reviewed the geophysical and reservoir data to define the extent of this gas field.

Stag field, offshore western Australia
Reviewed the reserve evaluation and cashflow analysis. Completed a volumetric study to verify the original oil in place. In addition, reviewed a client-generated simulation study to estimate the expected production rate and recoverable reserves.

John Brookes field
Reviewed the geophysical and reservoir data and performed a volumetric assessment of the recoverable gas reserves.

North west shelf, Carnarvon basin, western territory
Performed detailed annual geological and engineering studies for several joint-venture partners in a North West Shelf Australia LNG project. Reviewed development plan and costs. The reserves and net income reports were used for U.S SEC filings. Fields included Angel, Cossack, Dixon, Dockrell, Echo/Yodel, Gaea, Goodwyn, Hermes, Keast, Lady Nora, Lambert, Lambert Deep, North Rankin, Pemberton, Persephone, Perseus, Rankin, Sculptor, Searipple, Tidepole, Wanaea and Wilcox.

Countrywide offshore Australia
Constructed a detailed probabilistic model to evaluate exploration assets in 32 offshore permit areas as part of a determination of a more than $1 billion fair market value for two major operators. The model provided expected probabilistic outcomes resulting from exploration. Consulted with client marketing personnel and reviewed pertinent marketing studies for gas and LNG. Developed an economic model incorporating a range of netback gas prices and expected timing for LNG projects. Incorporated fiscal terms into the Australian economic model to estimate net entitlement of resources and income. This included modeling the PRRT and royalty and excise regime for the permit areas.

Additional Australian studies
Conducted reservoir studies for various other areas of Australia, including numerous fields in the Bass Strait. Other fields also include Agincourt, Bambra, East Bambra, Chervil, Double Island, Endymion, Gibson, Gipsy, North Gipsy, Hoover, Lee, Legendre, Little Sandy, N. Pedirka, Reindeer, Rose, Rosette, Simpson, Sinbad, South Plato, Tanami, Victoria, and Wonnich.

Other Australia fields

N Alkimos
Pyrenees: Crosby
Pyrenees: Harrison
Pyrenees: Ravensworth
Pyrenees: Stickle
Roma Coal Seam
Tl156 Operations
Van Gogh
West Cycad


China (Peoples Republic)

Bohai Bay (offshore), East China Sea, South China Sea
Performed detailed, integrated studies on all offshore fields owned by a major Chinese corporation. Prepared net reserves and future income cashflow report after provisions of production sharing contracts. The reserves certification was submitted to securities regulators in New York and Hong Kong for an initial public offering. Annual reserves updates and project evaluations are ongoing for the newly privatized, multi-billion-dollar company.

Daqing field, Hebei province
Conducted a preliminary investigation of the potential for drilling horizontal wells to improve oil-recovery efficiencies in one or more developed reservoirs.

Daqing field, Heilongjiang province
Studied the potential for the recovery of attic oil through the strategic placement of horizontal wells in the largest producing field in China.

Fulargi field, Heilongjiang province
Leveraged experience with several successful thermal-recovery projects in California to evaluate a proposal to use similar technology in this field. Plans called for using cyclic steam stimulation followed by steam-drive production.

Liaohe field, Liaoning province
Reviewed a pilot project to evaluate one or more thermal-recovery techniques to produce high-viscosity crude oil. Reviewed light-oil recovery techniques involving the re-entry of old wells by horizontal sidetracking.

Panzhuang and Xing Gong coalbed methane, Shanxi province
Reviewed an engineering and geologic study prepared by an independent coalbed methane producer to determine the potential for further development.

San Jiao coalbed methane, Shanxi province
Conducted an in-depth review of an engineering and geological study prepared by a large U.S.-based international oil and gas producer to assess the potential for further development.

Sichuan area, Sichuan province
Performed a cursory review of several undeveloped gas fields in this region. Examined well logs, well tests, gas analyses and geological interpretations by others.

Yunnan coalbed methane, Yunnan province
Studied a database of extensive coal seams. Reviewed a proposal to conduct a multi-well pilot project to further evaluate the potential for commercial gas production.

Zhaozhov field, Heilongjiang province
Work in China's largest field has been limited to the evaluation of an opportunity to develop an area where sand quality and thickness may be marginal.

Zhongyuan field, Henan province
Evaluated the potential for increasing oil recovery by re-entering shut-in wells by drilling horizontal sidetracks.


Former Soviet Union Countries / Republic of Azerbaijan

Azeri/Chirag/Guneshli fields
Conduct annual reservoir engineering and geological studies to estimate the oil reserves and future net income for a large U.S.-based independent oil company.

Bibi-Eybat field
Conducted probabilistic reserves estimate and economic sensitivity analysis to draft contract terms for production sharing agreement.

Gobustan region
Estimated the resource base for the southwest Gobustan region, the first onshore oil and gas contract area for Western companies in Azerbaijan. Evaluating the economics was problematic, because costs were not tracked. Without economic parameters, the resource potential was evaluated within a range of recoveries. The in-place hydrocarbon volumes were estimated through volumetric and decline-curve analysis and then sensitivity studies were conducted using a range of possible recovery efficiencies that corresponded to the range of production in similar Azeri fields.

Shah Deniz field
Evaluated the proposed development plan and project economics, including proposed capital expenditures, for the development of this field in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea and of the South Caucus pipeline. Deliverability for the TBC oil pipeline was also included. This work was performed for a multilateral international bank and consortium of European banks. Included a complete evaluation of the projects estimated remaining reserves.

Also evaluated the following fields:
Karabagli & Kursenge


Republic of Georgia

Evaluated the following fields
Baida field (Block A-12)
Mirzani field (Block A-12)
Nazarlebi field (Block a-12)
Taribani field


Republic of Kazakhstan

Alibekmola, Kozhasai, Karakuduk, North Buzachi and Arman fields
Prepared a due diligence report on gross 1P, 2P and 3P reserves and production forecasts. The study included detailed review on field development plan including development costs and operating costs and benchmarking of recovery factors in carbonate reservoirs.

Karakuduk field
Reviewed an outside engineering study for a U.S.-based independent oil company and estimated future development potential. Ryder Scott continually updated and revised the geological interpretation using PETREL as wells were drilled and Ryder Scott constructed a 3-D reservoir flow simulation model using ECLIPSE to help the client identify areas of undeveloped potential. Ryder Scott also prepared year end reserves and income estimates for SEC filing.

Kashagan field discovery
In 2001 and 2002, Ryder Scott assisted an international consortium of companies working toward the commercialization of the Kashagan field discovery in the Caspian Sea offshore Kazakhstan. In addition to the deterministic evaluation of the reserves, also conducted a fully probabilistic evaluation of the technical, commercial and economic variables of the asset. Partners in the consortium estimate that the field has 7 billion to 9 billion barrels of recoverable crude.

Kenkiyak field
Prepared a cashflow model for a client seeking concession rights.

Kumkol field
Evaluated this and other upstream assets of independent oil and gas company. This evaluation was performed for a multilateral international bank and included a detailed analysis of the company's operations, field logistics and proposed capital expenditure program.

South Alibek field
Prepared geological maps on the KT-I and KT-II reservoirs for the 1P, 2P, and 3P limits, and estimated reserves and income for SEC filing.

Tokarevskoye, Tciganoskoye, Ulyanovskoye, Gramyachinskoye, Vostochno- Gramyachinskoye, Teplovskoye, Zapando- Teplovskoye, Kamenskoye fields
Using international standards, independently evaluated the reserves of eight oil, gas, condensate fields in the Zapadno-Kazakhstanskaya Oblast. Project included petrophysical analysis and auditing of well log interpretations. Reservoir rocks were porous, porous-cavernous, porous-cavernous-fractured and fractured types, with productive layers represented by carbonate deposits. Complicating the analysis was limited digital logging data and a lack of directional survey information for some fields. Audited all structure and net pay maps of client, including checking fluid contacts.

Various undeveloped gas fields
Estimated volumetric reserves to further evaluate the potential of this relatively undeveloped area. Analyzed the economics of pipeline construction and field development.

Also evaluated the following fields:
North-West Zhetybai
North-West Konys
South Alibekmola
South Kumkol
Zhana Makat


Republic of Moldova

Performed detailed geological evaluation and reserves estimates for a Moldavian operating company with operations in Romania and Kazakhstan. The evaluation was used for project financing.


Republic of Turkmenistan

Akpatlaukh and Keimir fields
Analyzed several geopressured oil reservoirs within the south Caspian depression using performance techniques as well as geological evaluation methods. These fields are annually evaluated to appraise the results of continued field development. Operator uses the evaluations to optimize field development.

Chikishlyar field
Performed a detailed engineering and geological study to evaluate and quantify hydrocarbon reserves. Plans called for the study to be updated as development continues.

Lam and Zhdanov fields, Block 2 - Caspian Sea, offshore Turkmenistan
Through an engineering and geologic review, the fields were evaluated to quantify incremental reserves and economics resulting from ongoing development.

Yashlar trend
Performed a probabilistic study of the exploration potential, reserves, deliverability and marketing. Served as an expert witness in arbitration proceedings seeking loss-of-bargain damages for an alleged breach of contract under a concession agreement.

Also evaluated the following fields:
South Iolotan


Republic of Ukraine

Estimated the recoverable hydrocarbon quantities in northwest Crimea using geological and engineering analysis. The estimates were prepared in the absence of an economic model, production models, analogs and complete historical performance data. Performed annual evaluation of reserves for a U.S. corporation with Ukrainian operations.

Crimea Area
Evaluated the field development potential for a mature FSU field. Evaluation assisted the client in determining further development opportunities.

Evaluated the following fields


Republic of Uzbekistan

Conducted a geologic reserve audit for several giant gas fields. Client used the report to assist with the purchase of a working interest in the joint venture. Development was planned after implementation of financing.


Russian Federation

Almetyevsk area, Tatarstan
A study for the complete development of a large oil field in this area was performed to facilitate the maximum recovery of the oil in place. The study concluded that both vertical and horizontal wells should be employed in this effort. Annual reserves studies are performed for this field.

Chernogorskoye field, western Siberia
Prepared an engineering and geological study for a joint venture between a U.S.-based independent oil company and a western Siberia production association. As part of a due diligence review, also conducted a site visit in an evaluation of the proposed development plan. Based on this work, the bank and the operator reached an agreement on the terms of a project-development loan. Estimated ultimate reserves and identified remaining development drilling opportunities. Continuously update the development plan after evaluating new well data. Ongoing independent studies are used to obtain approval for changes in well spacing and developing plans for water injection. Also, prepare semiannual reserves updates and estimate future cash flows for updating coverage factors for the projected life of the loan. The Chernogorskoye joint venture is considered to be a model JV by the Russian Federation.

Golden Mammoth area, western Siberia
Evaluated oil reserves and the effect of various development plans for well spacing on four large (25,000 to 80,000 acres) fields.

North Gubinskoye field, western Siberia
Determined the reserves and evaluated the proposed development plan. Conducted a due diligence site visit with bank personnel and issued a report that was reviewed in negotiations between the development bank and joint venture. Review the company's reserves estimates on a semiannual basis and furnish an opinion on the reserves, production forecasts, operating expenses and capital expenditures. Prepare production milestone certificates and review and certify the borrowing base.

North Gubinskoye and Prisklonovoye fields, western Siberia
Evaluated reservoir performance to determine an optimum depletion plan for the remaining life of these fields. Higher than anticipated gas-oil ratios have yielded lower oil production than expected by the operator. This study included a review of reservoir geology and completion procedures.

Irkutsk area, eastern Siberia
Performed a geologic study of this undeveloped gas field to assess the project economics for field development. The field is very large by world standards but not close to gas markets. Study objectives also included verification of a viable market.

Izhevsk area, Udmurtiya
Conducted a detailed engineering and geological study of the Chutrsko-Kiengopskoe, Mishkinskoye and Yelnikovskoe fields in the Izhevsk area. Evaluated methods for improving sweep efficiency in secondary recovery, determined an optimum depletion plan and analyzed overall operating economics. The client planned to use the study in a public stock offering on a major European exchange.

Komsomolskoye field, western Siberia
Reservoir engineering and geological studies were conducted to estimate the remaining recoverable oil reserves.

Krasnoleninskoe area, western Siberia
Prepared engineering and geological studies of the Yem-Yegovskoe, Talinskoye and Palyanovskoye fields in the Krasnoleninskoe area. The reserves were independently certified in connection with a public stock offering on a major European exchange. A detailed economic analysis of each field included determinations of the viability of numerous undeveloped locations and workover candidates.

Logovskoye, Ozernoye, South Raevskoye, Mysinskoye, Borovitskoye and Tarhovskoye fields, Russia
Prepared an estimate of reserves, future production and income that was submitted by a Western partner of Russian company to the London Stock Exchange for an initial public offering in 1997. Later, a development bank engaged Ryder Scott to update the reserves and opine on the development plan and overall operation. This work included a due diligence site visit. The Ryder Scott report, published in 1998, was reviewed during loan negotiations. Prepared a semiannual report on the reserves and future cash flow that was integrated into the borrowing-base model and is used to calculate the available funds at any point in time. Review and sign off on the model. Conducted a follow-up site visit to review work progress toward a completion-test phase defined in the loan agreement. Prepared a work-progress report discussing the feasibility of accelerating the first completion phase.

Megion area, western Siberia
Performed an engineering study of a proposed workover program and installation of a gas-powered electrical generation plant in the Pokamasovskoye field. Also evaluated several nearby undeveloped fields. The study was submitted with an application for financing from the U.S. Export Import Bank for the purchase of U.S. equipment and services.

Novosibirsk area, eastern Siberia
Analyzed the partially developed Upper Tarskoye field as an initial step in formulating a development plan. This field was to be included by the client in a public stock offering on a major European exchange.

Onbyskoe field, Tatarstan
An analysis of this partially developed field was prepared. The objective of the analysis was to develop a plan for the full and efficient development of the field. Annual studies are conducted to evaluate development drilling and to estimate oil reserves and future net income.

Orenburg area
Engineering and geological studies were made of certain fields in the southern Ural area of Russia. This area is managed and operated by Orenburgneft. The fields studied are Donetsko-Sirtovskoye, Zagarsko-Lebiazhinskoye, Olshanskoe, Titianskoe, Kolganskoe, Sobolevskoye, and Voranovskoe. All fields were under development at the time of the study.

Perm area
Engineering and geological reviews were made of certain fields in the northern Ural area of Russia. The area is managed and operated by Permneft. The fields reviewed were Urtchutskoye, Osinskoye, Unuenskoe, and Chashinskoye. All fields were being developed and produced at the time of the study.

Raduzhny area, western Siberia
Performed detailed engineering and geological studies of the Varyeganskoye, North Varyeganskoye, Bakhilovskoe and Upper Kolik-Yeganskoe fields in the Raduzhny area. The reserves certification was to be used in connection with a public stock offering on a major European exchange. A detailed economic analysis of each field specified an optimum depletion plan, including the evaluation of numerous shut-in wells for workover potential, economics of field operations and the evaluation of in-fill drilling opportunities.

Severo-Urengoyskoye field
Prepared an in-depth review of an engineering and geological study by VNIIGAZ to determine the potential for further development of the major oil rims.  Conventional and horizontal-drilling technology was considered.  Estimated the well requirements and deliverability schedule for the largest gas reservoir in this field.  The study was to be used by the operator to design the capacity of the plant and compressors.  Audit third-party evaluation of gas, condensate and oil reserves.  Presented conclusion on lack of sufficient grounds for reported results. Prepared independent reserves evaluation in compliance with SPE-PRMS classification and generated technical projections of hydrocarbon recovery and end product output. Independent report was used by the client in negotiations for potential acquisition.

Siberian consortium
This is an ongoing reserve and economic evaluation of a consortium of several production associations which together form one of the largest oil companies in the world. This study will be used in the privatization of these entities.

Smolnikovskoye area, Udmurtiya
An engineering, geological and economic analysis of the Smolnikovskoye area was made. In this study the potential oil reserves for four large oil fields were determined and a plan for the development of the reserves was prepared.

Talinskoye field, western Siberia
Conducted an engineering study of a proposed workover program to increase production through improved artificial-lift equipment. Presentation of the study helped gain financing from the U.S. Export Import Bank for capitalization.

Ufa area, Republic of Bashkortostan
An engineering, geological, and economic study was prepared for a joint-venture between an American company and its Western Siberian partner. Four fields were included in this study. Results of this study were used for project financing with OPIC.

Urengoyskoye field, western Siberia
Prepared an in-depth review of an engineering and geological study by VNIIGAZ to determine the potential for further development of the major oil rims. Conventional and horizontal-drilling technology was considered.

North Urengoy field, western Siberia
Estimated the well requirements and deliverability schedule for the largest gas reservoir in this field. The study was to be used by the operator to design the capacity of the plant and compressors.

Verkh-Tarskoye field, eastern Siberia
A geologic audit of the original-oil-in-place and recoverable reserves was prepared for a Moscow based client. The results of our evaluation were used for project financing with a syndicate of banks located in Spain.

West Mogutlorskoye field, western Siberia
A study to determine the recoverable oil and gas reserves was performed. This study served as the basis of an investment decision for a U.S. client.

Various fields, western Siberia and Orenburg Region
Prepared detailed development plans and estimates of project economics for 113 fields in Western Siberia and the Orenburg region. The study was used by senior management of the Russian company to optimize economics for field development. Management also prioritized the allocation of corporate funding based on the study. Assistance was also provided in the preparation of the corporate five-year plan. The company is the second largest in Russia as ranked by total oil reserves.

Various Onshore fields, Sakhalin Island
Prepared an estimate of future reserves and production rates for all onshore fields operated by a Sakhalin production company. The study included an independent opinion on the reliability of cash flow from the current operations of the producer over the life of the proposed loan. The evaluation included a detailed analysis of field operations, project economics and product marketing and a determination of the remaining undeveloped reserve potential. The development bank used this study to determine the current and projected corporate borrowing base.

Various fields, western Siberia, Timan-Pechora and Orenburg Regions
Prepared estimates of future reserves, production rates and net income for 300 fields. The client, a supermajor integrated oil company, used the studies to determine the economic parameters for a $6.75 billion merger - the largest direct investment in Russia in the post-Soviet era.

Also evaluated the following fields:

East Sotchemyu
Golden Mammoth area
Karpenskiy license block
Kulatkinskiy license block
Kytymskiy license block
Lineynoye West
Lower Luginetskoye
Maly Yamal
Middle Sercheyiu
Nercheiyuskiy license block
North Demyanskoye
North Irael
North Kalchinskoye
North Kostyukskoye
North Urengoy
Northeast Talyu
Novo Urengoyskoye
South Shapkinskoye
South Yuriahinskoye
Sredne Nazymskoye
Surgutskiy-5 license block
Tambey South
Upper Grubeshorskoye
Upper Salymskoye
West Luginetskoye
West Pechorogorodskoe
West Salymskoye
Zapadny license block



Hazira Gas field
Offshore western India
Cambay basin
Conducted an initial study in 2000 and updated the original study for new wells and performance data in 2001 and 2002. Currently conducting a full field study to include new offshore wells for this 30-well field with production both onshore and offshore. Reviewing oil potential. Produced numerous maps reflecting complex deltaic geology of multiple stacked sands. Calculated cashflow economics under production-sharing agreement.

Surat Block
Onshore western India
Conducted multidisciplinary study to estimate shallow gas reserves and future production for this block close to the Cambay basin.

PY-1 Gas field
Offshore eastern India
Bay of Bengal
Cauvery basin
Conducted a study of reserve estimates.

Exploration Block 7
Block Kg-Osn-2001/3
Offshore eastern India
Krishna Godavari basin
Conducted a review of the data pertaining to the exploratory potential for petroleum resources Provided a qualitative opinion of the technical data and interpretations supporting the validity of various identified prospects.

Kharsang field
Onshore north India
Performed a geological and engineering study of a multiple-pay, stacked-sands field with medium to heavy oil and non-associated gas. Produced about 70 maps for volumetric analysis. Reviewed performance and estimated future production and cashflow under a production-sharing contract from this 150-well field. This included estimating behind-pipe and proved undeveloped reserves.



Madura Strait area, offshore Java
Prepared a study of the potential oil reserves of a prospect by analyzing seismic and regional geological data.

Malacca Strait area, offshore Sumatra
Prepared an estimate of future reserves and production rates for all producing wells and net income and contractor share oil after the terms of production sharing contract.

Salawati Island and Salawati basin
Conduct annual reserves estimates for 10 fields. The study included present-worth and net-reserve projections to satisfy U.S. SEC requirements.

Offshore Sumatra
Quantified gas reserves to determine their adequacy to fuel a large electrical power-generation facility.

South Sumatra
Determined the potential oil and gas reserves attributable to an exploration area.

Corridor block gas project
Evaluated the reserves and deliverability of seven large fields that will supply gas to the Duri field steamflood for steam generation.

Duri field
Reviewed the future reserves and steam requirements of the world's largest steamflood.

West Natuna Sea fields
Performed reserves-certification audit, gas-deliverability and economic-feasibility studies of various fields located in Block A, Block B, and Kakap block for a gas pipeline and power-plant project. Served as a technical advisor for the gas-sharing agreement terms.

Singa field, Sumatra
Performed reserves-certification, gas deliverability study and economic analysis.

Wunut field, east Java
Performed reserves-certification, gas deliverability study and economic analysis.



Block PM-3
Conducted an engineering and geological study using reservoir, seismic and subsurface geological data from an area with many prospects. Estimated the proved, probable and potential reserves that may be developed by offshore drilling.

Other offshore fields include the following:

Kikeh (deepwater)
Gumusut-Kakap (deepwater)
East Patricia
South Acis


New Guinea

Conducted engineering and geological studies on the Gobi field.


New Zealand

Completed studies of the Waihapa and Tariki fields.


Offshore New Zealand

Audited the geological model for the Kupe field. The work was used in an ongoing internal reservoir simulation project.



Countrywide study
Conducted reserves and economic studies of all oil and gas fields of a Pakistan national oil company. The properties comprised 34 operated fields and 19 non-operated fields in all major producing basins of Pakistan. The study established an economic basis for privatization.

Badar field
Performed an engineering and geological study to determine ultimate recoverable reserves and income projection.

Zarghun (Bolan) field
Conducted an engineering and geological study to determine ultimate recoverable reserves through probabilistic and deterministic methods. Also prepared projection of net income. Determined reserves potential of the Zarghun South and Zarghun North structures. Calculated volumetric reserves for Zarghun South using information, integrated with limited 2D seismic data, from two wells. Used volumetric and probabilistic reserves techniques to evaluate Zarghun North. In addition, conducted sensitivity studies to determine the variation in reserves volumes for the Chilton limestone based on changed primary porosity cutoffs, fracture density, fracture communication and structural fillup.

Kadanwari field
Evaluated the proved producing reserves potential of the E and G sands of various wells within three separate fault blocks. Analyzed well performance and volumetric reserves to assign proved producing, proved undeveloped and possible behind-pipe reserves. Conducted material-balance calculations to test and validate the volumetric values.

Miano field
Evaluated the volumetric reserves in the Lower Goru B formation using available 2D seismic and petrophysical analysis of the three wells in the area. This field is composed of an elongated structural-stratigraphic trap that is bisected by several faults that separate the field into several compartments. Using available seismic, assigned undeveloped reserves potential to the untested fault blocks.


Offshore Thailand

Continuously update an in-depth geological study as development drilling continues in the Benchamas, Jarmjuree, Maliwan and Tantawan offshore fields. Results of the study are used to assist the client in locating future drilling locations, assessing reserves for project financing and filing SEC reports.



Offshore Philippines