Evaluation of Unconventional Plays

Evaluation of Unconventionals

Ryder Scott has grown its expertise by working with clients in their early efforts in the Appalachian and Antrim shales and later in the Barnett shale play where horizontal-drilling and fracing techniques were refined in the late 1990s.  Today our geologists and petroleum engineers evaluate unconventional oil and gas plays the world over in various development stages — from undrilled to relatively mature with high-density well spacing.

Almost 150 clients in unconventional plays have relied on Ryder Scott for a range of services, including full-scale reserves evaluations, audits/process reviews, management advisory services and field development recommendations. We have prepared third-party forecasts of oil and gas production and cash flows from most major developed plays worldwide. Ryder Scott also has issued numerous reports on prospective and contingent resources in early-stage development of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

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