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The Ryder Scott Canada office is located in the First Canadian Centre building in Calgary.

The Ryder Scott Canada office is located in the First Canadian Centre building in Calgary.

Worldwide Reserves Expertise — From the Canadian foothills to the Egyptian deserts

Ryder Scott Canada conducts a full range of geological and reservoir engineering studies to estimate petroleum reserves and field economics for about 100 clients worldwide, including juniors, independents, and major integrated oil and gas companies.

Compliant Reserves Reports

Ryder Scott Canada personnel work with companies reporting to Canadian regulatory authorities and provide year-end independent reserves reports compliant with National Instrument 51-101. The geoscientists and engineers have also developed an in-depth understanding of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines, drawing from the knowledge base of Ryder Scott, which prepares more SEC-case reserves reports than any consultant worldwide. Canadian affiliates of U.S.-based companies turn to RSC Canada for consistent, independent SEC-case reserves reports. This unique blending of Canadian-U.S. expertise also enables the Ryder Scott staff to provide reliable advice to cross-border issuers with dual filing requirements.


Canada has significant Helium Resources and a growing Helium sector.  Helium projects are being commercially developed in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and Ryder Scott is providing a number of services supporting producers and investors.

    • Prospect Reviews
    • Project Due Diligence and Risk Reviews
    • Reserve and Resource Estimations
    • Competent Persons Reports (CPR)

Financial Transactions and Cashflow Models

RSC Canada has conducted technical due diligence and fair-market appraisals for property acquisitions and divestments valued from several thousand dollars to almost $2 billion. These transactions have involved both Canadian and international properties. RSC Canada experts generate net present values and production-stream cash flows, taking into account various fiscal regimes. This requires skilled personnel as comfortable with international production-sharing and concession agreements as they are with Canadian royalty structures.

Ryder Scott Calgary evaluated the Issaran heavy-oil field in Egypt and issued an independent report that assisted in determining capital requirements

Ryder Scott Calgary evaluated the Issaran heavy-oil field in Egypt and issued an independent report that assisted in determining capital requirements.

Management Advisory Services

RSC Canada has grown its capabilities to include management advisory services. RSC Canada experts are outsourced to work with clients to supplement their staff with manpower and a fresh viewpoint. Those experts serve on internal asset review teams and help establish procedures to maintain working reserves databases. That arrangement frees up the clients’ geologists and engineers to pursue revenue-generating opportunities.


Geographic Expertise

RSC Canada has evaluated properties in the Western basin and throughout Canada from coast to coast to coast. This includes offshore the east coast to British Columbia to the Arctic Circle. RSC Canada personnel also are familiar with properties in most major petroleum basins worldwide. Canadian oil companies are increasingly looking outside the country for E&P opportunities, and several of Canada’s international producers have commissioned the office to conduct appraisals of overseas interests.


In 1995, Ryder Scott opened an office in Calgary to better serve an expanding Canadian clientele and to position the company to be more active in this dynamic oil and gas province. Before that, Ryder Scott had evaluated Canadian reservoirs for many years from the Houston and Denver offices. The firm’s expansion into Calgary was dictated by the logistical advantages of being better able to meet client needs in a timely manner and being close to the 800 oil and gas companies in Calgary. Ryder Scott also realized that Calgary was home to a talented group of Canadian engineers and geologists. Initially, Ryder Scott hired a small staff of engineers and geoscientists. By the end of 1996, the office had grown to a dozen staff members who were involved in year-end evaluations, acquisitions, and divestitures. More than a decade later, RSC Canada has taken its place among the leading consultants in Canada while forging a well-deserved, far-ranging reputation for high-quality consulting reports.


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Andrew Thompson, P.Eng.
Managing Senior Vice President
Manager - Calgary Office


Andrew Thompson recently re-entered the ranks of Ryder Scott in April 2022, assuming the role of Senior Vice President and Manager of the Calgary office. Boasting over three decades of expansive technical experience, Mr. Thompson brings a wealth of knowledge to his position. His expertise encompasses reserves evaluations, reservoir modeling, drilling and completions, well testing, and abandonment operations.

With a focus on reservoir studies that span primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery methods, as well as the analysis of unconventional low permeability and highly fractured reservoirs, Mr. Thompson has consistently demonstrated his proficiency in navigating complex technical landscapes. Notably, he played a pivotal role in establishing and sustaining business operations in Calgary during his tenure at Ryder Scott from 1995 to 2008.

In his capacity as the Manager of the Calgary office, Mr. Thompson serves as a lead engineer and primary point of contact for numerous clients. His dedication to excellence and his ability to forge strong client relationships underscore his leadership within the organization.

Mr. Thompson is an esteemed member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.