Integrated Field Studies

Integrated Field Studies

In a field development study, the reserves consultant predicts future performance of a reservoir under specified constraints tied to an optimal development plan recommended by the consultant.

Typically, the consultant initially conducts a screening study of the field(s).  The culmination of this work identifies, recommends and prioritizes potential target reservoirs for further study and possible development.

After the consulting firm conclusively identifies one or more potentially favorable candidates, it estimates future recoveries in a base case chosen by the client and prepares associated cash flows.

Our forecast scenario cases, which include optimal development plans, are presented on a summarized basis with detailed tables for individual wells available in an easily accessible digital/electronic format.  Those forecast scenarios may include potential recompletion candidates, infill or extension drilling — including vertical and/or horizontal wells— water injection or tertiary recovery and field facility/operating constraints.

Our field development plans also provide guidelines for proper development and implementation.  Ryder Scott identifies field-development life cycles and recommends operational strategies to maximize rates of return and minimize overdevelopment.  A major tool to guide field development planning is dynamic reservoir modeling.

Client input on the availability of drilling rigs and workover equipment is considered so that we can realistically model future prediction cases, including infill or extension drilling.  The forecast time steps required for an optimal development plan will depend on specific requirements provided by the client, but is not expected to last more than 30 years, a widely used duration for field life.

Our multidisciplinary team members prepare integrated field development studies by blending their skills in a seamless network.  Disciplines range from geology to reservoir engineering to final project economics.  Integrating those disciplines allows the project to proceed effectively, with each expert having data access and input into the field development study.

A Ryder Scott team may comprise the following experts:

  • Geophysicists
  • Geologists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Reservoir Simulation Engineers
  • Economists