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Welcome to Ryder Scott’s Reservoir Solutions Software (RSS) home page. RSS consists of numerous reservoir engineering and geoscience add-in tools designed for use with Microsoft Excel® for Windows®. The latest version of RSS is compatible with the following versions of Excel®: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2020, and 2021 (See notes below about Office 365). The following tools comprise RSS. Please click on the individual program titles below for a brief program description.

    Program Descriptions (click links):
    rscCBM     QuickLook Economics
    TruVert 2-D     Gas Material Balance
    RyVOL Volumetrics     Flowing Gas Analysis
    ResGAS     LogWizard
    Reservoir Solutions Modules     RamBal
    LogNormal Probability Tool     Exponential Calculator
    HC Price Xplot


Click here to submit the Freeware Password Request Form and save the download file,, to a convenient location, such as the desktop. Extract the .zip file and save the extracted folder (ResSolRSC) to a convenient location that you should note. The folder contains a sub-folder containing numerous files associated with various RSS programs, as well as an Installation file (Install_ResSol_RSC.xlsm) and an installation instructions file (Install RSS - Instructions.pdf).

Startup Following Installation

After installing one or more Reservoir Solutions programs, Excel® will load a bit more slowly, as it loads the Visual Basic modules (VBA) and indexes the templates.  Loading speed depends on system-processor speed, amount of system RAM and version of Excel®.  Regardless, once Excel® is completely loaded, it will function normally.

Installation of any Reservoir Solutions program, except the Reservoir Solutions Modules, causes the RSC Engineering menu to load automatically at startup. Excel® will automatically display an “Add-Ins” tab on the ribbon.  The RSC Engineering menu will automatically be placed on the “Menu Commands” icon on the Add-Ins ribbon.  Select the desired Reservoir Solutions program from this menu.

Excel® in Office 365

Numerous users have expressed frustration following attempts at installation of RSS for Excel® under Office 365.  While Ryder Scott does not completely understand the architecture and design of Office 365.  Many users of Office 365 have observed that the “RSC Engineering” menu does not load or appear on the Add-ins tab of Excel® ribbon after installation of the software.  The following procedure appears to solve the program:  For users who have the “Start Screen” appear on each Excel® startup, this needs to be turned off.  The start screen seems to block the Auto-run procedure that creates the RSC Engineering menu.  Please try this, though Ryder Scott cannot guarantee that it will work in every case.

  1. Go to File-Options to display the “Excel Options” dialog
  2. In the “General” category, scroll to the last item under “Start up options”
  3. UNCHECK “Show the Start screen when this application starts” option
  4. Click OK and restart Excel®

Ryder Scott cannot guarantee that this fix will work in every case.

Uninstalling Reservoir Solutions Software

Users may uninstall all reservoir solutions software by re-opening the installation file, and then proceeding through the installation procedure to the Program Selection dialogue box providing options for programs to be installed.  To uninstall all programs, ensure that all check boxes are blank.  Then click the “Install” button.  This will cause all program files to be uninstalled and deleted.

Ryder Scott does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or reliability of the Reservoir Solutions add-ins and disclaims their fitness for any particular purpose.