Low-Carbon, Sustainable Energy Consulting Services

Sustainable Energy Consulting

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Ryder Scott Company builds on its proven record of providing robust independent validations, certifications and audits to its clients in the oil and gas sector. With the highest ethical and technical standards, Ryder Scott can naturally provide reliable evaluations of client’s low-carbon and energy transition initiatives, as well as independent validations and verifications of greenhouse gases (GHG) disclosures and assertions. Ryder Scott provides these services through two distinct, while interrelated offerings of Greenhouse Gas Management (RSC-GHGM) and Clean Renewable Energy Consulting (RSC-CREC) services.

RSC-GHGM builds on Ryder Scott’s expertise as independent evaluators to become an industry standard in GHGM validations and verifications. RSC-GHGM can provide independent assurance of the GHG assertions through our verification and validation services. Ryder Scott verification or validation services starts with a review of the facility data and the company’s GHG Assertion reports. Ryder Scott determines the applicable standards and regulations including ISO 14065, ISO-14064-3, API Standard GHG, 40 CFR 98, UNFCCC Submissions, Greenhouse Gas Protocol and numerous other voluntary and mandatory reporting standards. Further, Ryder Scott can analyze and provide detailed recommendations for facilities to meet compliance or to achieve emission reduction targets and forward-looking statements; for example, in accordance with Europe’s Effort Sharing Legislation (ESD). Our surface and sub-surface integration expertise also allows us to provide evaluations of CCUS (Carbon Capture , Utilization and Sequestration) projects and associated monetizing opportunities, including Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

Our RSC-CREC services include feasibility studies, transaction due diligence, operational and risk assessment, project life cycle assessment and valuation. Ryder Scott will evaluate the technical feasibility of the project and associated costs, providing recommendations on design and innovation, at any stage of project maturity to deliver high-value assessments for our clients. The typical project will start with the review of the technical specifications and requirements establishing a baseline performance and possible deviations (up or down). The analysis continues with the confirmation of the cost structure and basis followed by recommendations (if any) for cost adjustments. Economic viability studies are accomplished using fiscal models which Ryder Scott can either create a new model or verify the accuracy of one provided by the client. Ryder Scott is able to complete this analysis according to the recommended United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) guidelines, among others. Our deep and longstanding understanding of the upstream and midstream hydrocarbon energy industry positions Ryder Scott as the choice consultant for those companies diversifying their energy supply portfolio and solutions.

Our combined RSC-GHGM and RSC-CREC services seamlessly assist our clients achieve their low-carbon, sustainable energy strategies. We are here to help our clients turn to a greener page.

The Ryder Scott Sustainable Energy Vision: Be the preferred energy consultant, known worldwide for quality, reliability, integrity, and independence.