Low-Carbon, Sustainable Energy Consulting Services

Sustainable Energy Consulting

Upcoming Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosure requirements are expected to change the international climate reporting landscape. Corporate activity will face high scrutiny, and many companies will be mandated to disclose direct and indirect emissions resulting from their operations. Ryder Scott understands the importance of the accuracy of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reporting for both operators and investors, serving as the link between a company’s operational data and highly reliable information for investors and financiers.

Ryder Scott is building upon our record of providing robust independent validations, certifications, and audits to the oil and gas sector. With the highest ethical and technical standards, Ryder Scott naturally provides reliable evaluations of clients’ low-carbon and energy transition initiatives, as well as independent validations and verifications of greenhouse gases (GHG) disclosures and assertions. Ryder Scott provides these services through two distinct, while interrelated offerings of GHG Emissions Reporting and Sustainable Energy Consulting services.

GHG Emissions Reporting

  • Streamlined SEC climate disclosure compliance
  • Integrated emissions reporting with reserves certification
    • Uses year-end production forecasts as a base input for emissions forecasting
    • Fully integrated process saves time and increases accuracy
  • Third-party verification of corporate GHG Statements
    • Inventory
    • Emission calculations
    • Assurance Statement
    • Verification Report (ISO 14065, ISO-14064-3, API Standard GHG, 40 CFR 98, UNFCCC Submissions and Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  • Scope 1 and Scope 2 Emissions
  • Materiality assessments
  • Life cycle assessments (LCA)
  • Carbon credit generation in partnership with ZeroSix TM
  • Verification of emission reductions

Sustainable Energy Services

Ryder Scott services include full project support of CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration):

  • Storage estimation and classification (SRMS)
  • Due diligence evaluation
  • Risk assessment and red flags identification
  • Class VI permit application support
  • Geological Evaluation and static modeling
  • Reservoir simulation
  • CO2 EOR carbon storage verification
  • MMV/MRV (Monitoring, Measurement/Reporting and Verification)
  • Integrated facilities planning
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Assessment of economic models and CCUS costs
  • Economic benefit analysis/scenario planning

Clean, Renewable Energy can also include:

  • Helium project reviews and certification
  • Geothermal energy
  • Lithium/Critical mineral brine
  • Economic benefit analysis/scenario planning
  • Technology feasibility studies

Ryder Scott’s deep and longstanding understanding of the upstream and midstream hydrocarbon energy industry positions us to support anyone seeking to diversify their energy supply portfolio and solutions.

Our combined GHG Emissions Reporting and Renewable Energy Consulting Services seamlessly assist our clients in achieving their low-carbon, sustainable energy goals.

The Ryder Scott Sustainable Energy Vision: Be the preferred energy consultant known worldwide for quality, reliability, integrity, and independence.