Azeri/Chirag/Guneshli fields

Conduct annual reservoir engineering and geological studies to estimate the oil reserves and future net income for a large U.S.-based independent oil company.

Bibi-Eybat field

Conducted probabilistic reserves estimate and economic sensitivity analysis to draft contract terms for production sharing agreement.

Gobustan region

Estimated the resource base for the southwest Gobustan region, the first onshore oil and gas contract area for Western companies in Azerbaijan. Evaluating the economics was problematic, because costs were not tracked. Without economic parameters, the resource potential was evaluated within a range of recoveries. The in-place hydrocarbon volumes were estimated through volumetric and decline-curve analysis and then sensitivity studies were conducted using a range of possible recovery efficiencies that corresponded to the range of production in similar Azeri fields.

Shah Deniz field

Evaluated the proposed development plan and project economics, including proposed capital expenditures, for the development of this field in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea and of the South Caucus pipeline. Deliverability for the TBC oil pipeline was also included. This work was performed for a multilateral international bank and consortium of European banks. Included a complete evaluation of the projects estimated remaining reserves.

Also evaluated the following fields:

Karabagli & Kursenge