Bohai Bay (offshore), East China Sea, South China Sea

Performed detailed, integrated studies on all offshore fields owned by a major Chinese corporation. Prepared net reserves and future income cashflow report after provisions of production sharing contracts. The reserves certification was submitted to securities regulators in New York and Hong Kong for an initial public offering. Annual reserves updates and project evaluations are ongoing for the newly privatized, multi-billion-dollar company.

Daqang field, Hebei province

Conducted a preliminary investigation of the potential for drilling horizontal wells to improve oil-recovery efficiencies in one or more developed reservoirs.

Daqing field, Heilongjiang province

Studied the potential for the recovery of attic oil through the strategic placement of horizontal wells in the largest producing field in China.

Fulargi field, Heilongjiang province

Leveraged experience with several successful thermal-recovery projects in California to evaluate a proposal to use similar technology in this field. Plans called for using cyclic steam stimulation followed by steam-drive production.

Liaohe field, Liaoning province

Reviewed a pilot project to evaluate one or more thermal-recovery techniques to produce high-viscosity crude oil. Reviewed light-oil recovery techniques involving the re-entry of old wells by horizontal sidetracking.

Panzhuang and Xing Gong coalbed methane, Shanxi province

Reviewed an engineering and geologic study prepared by an independent coalbed methane producer to determine the potential for further development.

San Jiao coalbed methane, Shanxi province

Conducted an in-depth review of an engineering and geological study prepared by a large U.S.-based international oil and gas producer to assess the potential for further development.

Sichuan area, Sichuan province

Performed a cursory review of several undeveloped gas fields in this region. Examined well logs, well tests, gas analyses and geological interpretations by others.

Yunnan coalbed methane, Yunnan province

Studied a database of extensive coal seams. Reviewed a proposal to conduct a multi-well pilot project to further evaluate the potential for commercial gas production.

Zhaozhov field, Heilongjiang province

Work in China’s largest field has been limited to the evaluation of an opportunity to develop an area where sand quality and thickness may be marginal.

Zhongyuan field, Henan province

Evaluated the potential for increasing oil recovery by re-entering shut-in wells by drilling horizontal sidetracks.