Countrywide study

Conducted reserves and economic studies of all oil and gas fields of a Pakistan national oil company. The properties comprised 34 operated fields and 19 non-operated fields in all major producing basins of Pakistan. The study established an economic basis for privatization.

Badar field

Performed an engineering and geological study to determine ultimate recoverable reserves and income projection.

Zarghun (Bolan) field

Conducted an engineering and geological study to determine ultimate recoverable reserves through probabilistic and deterministic methods. Also prepared projection of net income. Determined reserves potential of the Zarghun South and Zarghun North structures. Calculated volumetric reserves for Zarghun South using information, integrated with limited 2D seismic data, from two wells. Used volumetric and probabilistic reserves techniques to evaluate Zarghun North. In addition, conducted sensitivity studies to determine the variation in reserves volumes for the Chilton limestone based on changed primary porosity cutoffs, fracture density, fracture communication and structural mapping.

Kadanwari field

Evaluated the proved producing reserves potential of the E and G sands of various wells within three separate fault blocks. Analyzed well performance and volumetric reserves to assign proved producing, proved undeveloped and possible behind-pipe reserves. Conducted material-balance calculations to test and validate the volumetric values.

Miano field

Evaluated the volumetric reserves in the Lower Goru B formation using available 2D seismic and petrophysical analysis of the three wells in the area. This field is composed of an elongated structural-stratigraphic trap that is bisected by several faults that separate the field into several compartments. Using available seismic, assigned undeveloped reserves potential to the untested fault blocks.