Latin America

Latin America



El Tordillo field, Chubut
Prepared a geologic and engineering study, including log analysis and performance evaluations, to estimate producing reserves and establish parameters for behind pipe, undeveloped and secondary reserves for future exploitation and development programs.  Annual reserve updates are performed to evaluate and revise the development program and to provide cash-flow projections to satisfy U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requirements.

Entre Lomas Block, Neuquen
Conducted a complete geological and reservoir engineering study of five fields within the concession area.  The study involved an analysis of seismic data plus performance and development to date.  Built an economic model that was used to plan a future development program for maximizing property values.

El Mangrullo field, Neuquen
Performed an in-depth study of the reserve and deliverability potential of this undeveloped field in the Neuquen Basin.  Incorporated all seismic data, well logs and well-test data into this study.

Sierra Chata field, Neuquen
Prepared a reservoir simulation model study, including a detailed reservoir geological model, history match of well performance and build-up pressure and prediction runs to estimate future performance.

Other Argentine studies
Evaluated all oil and gas interests of various Argentine corporations. These major studies included both properties within Argentina and other international areas. The Argentine properties located throughout the country include many major onshore and offshore gas fields in the San Jorge, Northwest, Neuquen and Austral Basins. Among these fields are Acambuco, Aguarague, Aguada Pichana, Aguada San Roque, Loma Las Yeguas, Lindero Atravesado, Ca'adon Alfa, Fenix-Carina, Piedra Clavada, San Sebastian, Ramos, 25 de Mayo/Medanito, Cerro Dragon, Diadema, Chihuido de la Salina, El Trapial, Vega Pleyade, El Porvenir, Al Norte de la Dorsal, Al Sur de la Dorsal, Porcelana, Santa Cruz I, Santa Cruz II, El Cordon, Koluel Kaike, Oceano, Los Chorillos, Argo, Hidra, Campo Duran, Puesto Peter, Estacion Fernandez Oro, Rio Neuquen, Kaus, Lobo, Ara, Antares, Centenario, El Porton, Kilometro 20, Anticlinal Campamento.

Performed other studies in the Jujuy, Mendoza, Neuquen, San Jorge and Tierra del Fuego areas for exploration-and-production projects.



Completed detailed studies of on- and offshore fields in several Brazilian geologic basins, including Campos, Acre, Camamu and Espirito Santo.  Recently evaluated the Bia-Camarupim offshore development in Espirito Santo.  Also evaluated fields offshore the northeast coast, including ELPs 11, BAS64, BAS97, Merzuela, Llana, Pescada, Arabaiana, RNS-33, RNS-95 and TNS-128.

Major work includes a probabilistic study of seven offshore oil and gas properties, including deepwater fields and prospects, for a potential acquisition.  Ryder Scott estimated 3P reserves based on geological evaluations, including seismic amplitude analysis and analogy and well performance.  Subject properties included the Manati, Coral, Sardinha, BAS-131, Cavalo Marinho, Estrela do Mar and Caravela Sul fields.

Major recent onshore work includes evaluations of resources and reserves with associated future production profiles and cashflow projections for the following properties in the Rec'ncavo Basin:

Fazenda Belem
Lagoa do Paulo
Lagoa do Paulo Norte
Lagoa do Paulo Su
Mata de Sao Joao
Norte Fazenda Caruacu
Rio Dos Ovos
Rio Subauma
Sao Pedro



Independently certified the country's proved, probable and possible oil and gas reserves.  Bolivia used the third-party validation, in part, to determine future gas deliverability and risks in investment and industrialization in the gas sector, a national priority.

Performed studies on divestiture packages in Bolivia.  Evaluated fields in the Chaco area.



Catalina field
Evaluated the volumetrics by building a static geological model on the Rosa Blanca reservoir and reviewed several EOR options for future field development.  History matched a full-field dynamic reservoir simulation model and studied the EOR using nitrogen gas injection.  Evaluated multiple scenarios of field development and varying gas injection rates to compare ultimate field oil recovery for each case.

Cusiana and Cupiagua fields
Conducted a detailed study to estimate volumes of original oil in place and ultimate reserves.  Generated projections of sustained oil production to assist in the design of the oil-sales pipeline.  The reserves certification was used to obtain project financing through a syndicate of international banks.

Las Monas area, Bucaramanga
Evaluated various working interests in three fields within this concession.  Also analyzed the future exploitation of potential reserves.

Middle Magdalena Valley
Evaluated the deep-gas producing potential of a major seismically defined structural feature.  Also evaluated a large producing oil field.

Purificacion, Revancha and Venganza fields
Prepared detailed engineering and geological studies, including cashflow analyses.

Rubiales field, Meta
Conducted geological and reservoir engineering studies of this shallow oil accumulation in the Llanos area of eastern Colombia to assess the economic feasibility of developing these heavy-oil reserves.

Torcaz field
Reservoir volumetrics were determined for the Upper Mugrosa, Lower Mugrosa, Esmeralda, and La Paz reservoirs by using a static geological model created in PETREL.  Enhanced oil recovery was studied and case studies were made based on in-situ combustion, cyclic steam injection, and cyclic CO2 injection.  Multiple scenarios of each EOR process were evaluated and documented for future exploitation of the heavy oil resources.



Oriente Basin
Completed geological and reservoir engineering studies of most of the fields in the Oriente basin. Some of the larger fields are the following:



Analyzed seismic and subsurface geology and the engineering data to forecast future oil and gas production and related economic considerations for a newly discovered field.


Evaluated the prolific northern region of Mexico consisting of 350 onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in the Burgos basin and Tampico-Misantla-Veracruz basin complex for corporate bond offering by state-owned company. The independent report was used to file proved reserves estimates and net present values with U.S. regulators. The ongoing, integrated study has grown to encompass more than 400 fields and thousands of wells in the Burgos, Chicontepec, Poza Rica-Altami and Veracruz regions.

Akal field, Cantarell complex
Performed reserves certification audit and economic feasibility study for nitrogen-injection project.



Analyzed exploratory program in Block 16-A concession in eastern Peru. Also studied the onshore Mara'on Basin for many years.  Also conducted reservoir studies to estimate the reserves and future net income attributable to the offshore production in the Talara area.



Conducted initial studies in several major offshore fields to estimate gas reserves and their value.  These periodically updated studies serve as a basis for exploitation and financing.



Third Operating Agreement Round
Performed geologic and engineering evaluations of several properties offered in the Third Operating Agreement Round.  Provided clients with oil and gas reserve estimates, flow-stream volumes and investment schedules.

Other Fields
Full Ryder Scott field studies also include the following fields:

Block B2B
Cerro Negro
La Concepcion
Las Cruces
Isla Rosario
Los Manueles
La Palma
La Paz
Rio de Oro
El Salto
Tres Bocas


Other areas

Conducted reservoir engineering and geological studies of many other oil and gas fields in South America, including those in the Magallanes Basin in Chile, for various planning and investment purposes.