El Tordillo field, Chubut

Prepared a geologic and engineering study, including log analysis and performance evaluations, to estimate producing reserves and establish parameters for behind pipe, undeveloped and secondary reserves for future exploitation and development programs.  Annual reserve updates are performed to Securities and Exchange Commission requirements.

Entre Lomas Block, Neuquen

Conducted a complete geological and reservoir engineering study of five fields within the concession area.  The study involved an analysis of seismic data plus performance and development to date.  Built an economic model that was used to plan a future development program for maximizing property values.

El Mangrullo field, Neuquen

Performed an in-depth study of the reserve and deliverability potential of this undeveloped field in the Neuquen basin.  Incorporated all seismic data, well logs and well-test data into this study.

Sierra Chata field, Neuquen

Prepared a reservoir simulation model study, including a detailed reservoir geological model, history match of well performance and build-up pressure and prediction runs to estimate future performance.

Other Argentine studies

Evaluated all oil and gas interests of various Argentine corporations.  These major studies included both properties within Argentina and other international areas.  The Argentine properties located throughout the country include many major onshore and offshore gas fields in the San Jorge, Northwest, Neuquen and Austral basins.  Among these fields are Acambuco, Aguarague, Aguada Pichana, Aguada San Roque, Loma Las Yeguas, Lindero Atravesado, Cañadon Alfa, Fenix-Carina, Piedra Clavada, San Sebastian, Ramos, 25 de Mayo/Medanito, Cerro Dragon, Diadema, Chihuido de la Salina, El Trapial, Vega Pleyade, El Porvenir, Al Norte de la Dorsal, Al Sur de la Dorsal, Porcelana, Santa Cruz I, Santa Cruz II, El Cordon, Koluel Kaike, Oceano, Los Chorillos, Argo, Hidra, Campo Duran, Puesto Peter, Estacion Fernandez Oro, Rio Neuquen, Kaus, Lobo, Ara, Antares, Centenario, El Porton, Kilometro 20, Anticlinal Campamento.

Performed other studies in the Jujuy, Mendoza, Neuquen, San Jorge and Tierra del Fuego areas for exploration-and-production projects.