W & T Offshore Inc.
W. P. Oil Ltd.
Wagner Oil Co.
Waldorf Corp.
Walter International
Wapiti Energy LLC.
Ward Petroleum Corp.
Warwick Oil and Gas Inc.
Washington Energy Resources
Watermark Corp.
Watson Energy Inc.
Waveform Energy Ltd.
Weatherford International
Wedge Group Inc.
Wellspring Partners
Wertheim Schroder & Co.
Westco Energy LLC.
Westech Energy Corp.
Western Hub Properties LLC.
Westhall Associates Inc.
Westinghouse Credit Corp.
Westmoreland Coal Co.
Westport Resources Corp.
Wexpro Co.
White Oak Energy
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Wichita River Oil Corp.
Wildcat Petroleum Partners
Wilshire Enterprises Inc.
Winfield Energy Corp.
Wintershall Oil and Gas Corp.
Wold Oil Properties Inc.
Wood Energy Corp.
Woodlands Resources Co.
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WPS Energy Services
Wynn-Crosby Energy Inc.
W. Mc Ilwaine Thompson, Jr.
W. T. Neal Trust
Wainoco Oil & Gas Co.
Walsh Production Inc.
Walters, Holt & Fields
Ward Lake Energy
Warren American Oil Co.
Wascana Energy Inc.
Washington Gas Light Co.
Watford Energy Ltd.
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WBI Production Inc.
Wedge Energy Inc.
Wells Fargo Energy Capital
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WHC Trust
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Worth National Bank
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