Natural Gas Studies

Natural Gas Studies

Worldwide Experience Certifying Gas Reserves

Ryder Scott has considerable experience in gas supply studies involving the estimation of reserves and deliverability for surface facilities and midstream gathering and pipeline systems.  In several instances, we have conducted ongoing reconciliations of supply estimates and production trends.  Ryder Scott also has coordinated expansions of surface facilities, gathering systems and pipeline capacities based on independent reviews of producers' estimates of supply increases from exploration- and development-drilling programs.

Ryder Scott has evaluated most major gas basins worldwide and performs hundreds of gas studies a year.  Some of the most challenging studies have focused on super giant fields with several hundred Tcf of gas.  This includes the North field in Qatar, the largest single non-associated gas field in the world at that time, and Urengoy in the West Siberia basin, the second largest gas field.  Other major gas fields include Karachaganak, Tangguh and Ormen Lange.

In North America, we evaluate hundreds of conventional and unconventional gas fields annually, which adds up to more than 200,000 gas wells over the last decade.

Gas Storage Evaluation and Design Capabilities

Ryder Scott has extensive experience in gas storage projects, providing services from general consulting to detailed geological and engineering modeling.  The following is a list of gas storage projects evaluated by Ryder Scott:

  • Florin field, CNGS
  • Confidential Project (eCORP)
  • Two Confidential Projects (Enstor)
  • Confidential Project (Niska/Encana)
  • Confidential Project (Nisource)
  • Santana gas storage field, Brazil
  • Washington field, Louisiana
  • Hill Lake field, Texas
  • Bistineau field, Louisiana
  • Fink field, West Virginia
  • Jackson Dome area, Mississippi
  • Hillbig field, Texas
  • Stagecoach field, New York
  • Hester field, Louisiana
  • Wild Goose field, California
  • Lodi field, California
  • Greasy Creek field, Oklahoma
  • Stuart field, Oklahoma
  • Hustead field, Pennsylvania
  • Fulshear field, Texas
  • Bammel field, Texas
  • Rotherwood field, Texas
  • West Clear Lake field, Texas

Our clientele includes a number of regional and international gas storage owners, operators and transmission companies.  Depending on the objectives of the particular gas storage project, Ryder Scott may perform any combination of the following analyses: petrophysical, geological and geophysical evaluation, geostatistical characterization, material balance modeling, gas deliverability modeling, nodal analysis and numerical reservoir simulation.

Ryder Scott uses both commercial and internal software to perform the following studies for our gas storage clients:

  • Inventory Verification and Management
  • Gas Storage Facility Expansion Studies
  • Feasibility Studies