Bayu-Undan field, Timor Sea

Evaluated remaining gas and condensate reserves and conducted cash-flow analysis for large offshore gas field.  In a separate project assisted joint interest owner in the preparation of its submission for an equity re-determination.

Kitan field, Timor Sea

Evaluated remaining oil and associated gas reserves and conducted cash-flow analysis for newly discovered offshore oil field.

Blacktip field, offshore, Northwest territory

Evaluated remaining gas and condensate reserves and conducted cash-flow analysis for large offshore gas field.

Ichthys field, offshore western Australia

Performed full reserves certification of this field in the Browse basin.

Mereenie field, Amadeus basin, northern territory

Performed geological and engineering studies, including reservoir simulation, to optimize field development and production.  The reserves certifications were also used to obtain project financing and satisfy reserves reporting requirements of the Australian Stock Exchange.

Harriet field, northwestern shelf, northwestern Australia

Conducted detailed engineering and geological studies that served as the basis for the sale and purchase of various interests in several oil and gas properties.

Blina field, Canning basin area, western Australia

Evaluated the oil and gas reserves of several properties.

offshore western Australia

Conducted annual evaluations of remaining net reserves and cash-flow analyses of several offshore fields, in part, to satisfy banking requirements.

Campbell field, offshore western Australia

Performed volumetric and material-balance studies to assess recoverable gas reserves.

East Spar field, offshore western Australia

Reviewed the geophysical and reservoir data to define the extent of this gas field.

Stag field, offshore western Australia

Reviewed the reserve evaluation and cashflow analysis.  Completed a volumetric study to verify the original oil in place.  In addition, reviewed a client-generated simulation study to estimate the expected production rate and recoverable reserves.

John Brookes field

Reviewed the geophysical and reservoir data and performed a volumetric assessment of the recoverable gas reserves.

Northwest shelf, Carnavon basin, western territory

Performed detailed annual geological and engineering studies for several joint-venture partners in a North West Shelf Australia LNG project.  Reviewed development plan and costs.  The reserves and net income reports were used for U.S SEC filings.  Fields included Angel, Cossack, Dixon, Dockrell, Echo/Yodel, Gaea, Goodwyn, Hermes, Keast, Lady Nora, Lambert, Lambert Deep, North Rankin, Pemberton, Persephone, Perseus, Rankin, Sculptor, Searipple, Tidepole, Wanaea and Wilcox.

Countrywide offshore Australia

Constructed a detailed probabilistic model to evaluate exploration assets in 32 offshore permit areas as part of a determination of a more than $1 billion fair market value for two major operators.  The model provided expected probabilistic outcomes resulting from exploration.  Consulted with client marketing personnel and reviewed pertinent marketing studies for gas and LNG.  Developed an economic model incorporating a range of netback gas prices and expected timing for LNG projects.  Incorporated fiscal terms into the Australian economic model to estimate net entitlement of resources and income.  This included modeling the PRRT and royalty and excise regime for the permit areas.

Additional Australian studies

Conducted reservoir studies for various other areas of Australia, including numerous fields in the Bass Strait.  Other fields also include Agincourt, Bambra, East Bambra, Chervil, Double Island, Endymion, Gibson, Gipsy, North Gipsy, Hoover, Lee, Legendre, Little Sandy, N.  Pedirka, Reindeer, Rose, Rosette, Simpson, Sinbad, South Plato, Tanami, Victoria, and Wonnich.

Other Australia fields

Airlie Halyard Ravensworth
Albert Juilmar Roma Coal Seam
Artreus Linda Stickle
Brokenwood Mojave Theo
Brunello N Alkimos Tl156 Operations
Crosby Pedirka Van Gogh
Cwlh Pyrenees:  Crosby West Cycad
Fairview Pyrenees:  Harrison Woollybutt
Grange Pyrenees:  Ravensworth Zephyrus
Gudrun Pyrenees:  Stickle